Reflexo distante

Porto Alegre, Brazil / 2013

DISTANT REFLECTION brings together Marina Camargo’s works produced from 2010 to 2013. The exhibition comprises images of various natures (taken by the artist, appropriated from books, or found in antique shops). The research on a specific landscape unfolds in diverse readings on historical contexts and collective memory, developed through archival materials, and travels through the Alpine region. In representing a point of view toward the landscape, there is always something that is lost, that escapes, accusing a distance to reality – that is where the works take place. 

The title “Distant Reflection” refers to an antique shop Marina visited called Riflesso Lontano. The image of a distant reflection refers to a look at the past from a perspective dislocated from the time of the events, repositioning a relationship between historical time and the present.

Reflexo distance (Distant reflection) _ Galeria Bolsa de Arte – Porto Alegre/Brazil, from October 4 until November 1, 2013.