Marina Camargo’s work is driven by a unique interest in understanding and distorting the established […]

Solo exhibition at the Ling Institute (Porto Alegre – Brazil), curated by Paulo Miyada. “We […]

Solo exhibition at SUPERFÍCIE from February 9 until March 15, 2023. Text by Taisa Palhares.

From 29th May until 29th August 2021. Curated by Interloper / Photos by Tiffany Danielle […]

BEFORE, AND STILL NOW In Marina Camargo’s solo exhibition, issues related to memory and the […]

DISTANT REFLECTION brings together Marina Camargo’s works produced from 2010 to 2013. The exhibition comprises […]

PLANISPHERE was held at Zipper Gallery as part of the Zip’Up project curated by Mario […]

Treaty of Limits was shown at MARGS within the exhibition “Além Fronteiras” of the 8th […]

PARALLEL WORLDS _ solo exhibition at Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Porto Alegre – Brazil, from […]

LOST WORD _ solo exhibition at the Galeria Virgilio, São Paulo-Brazil, from October 14 until […]

OR THE LETTER GRAPHS The exhibition was held at Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre (Brazil) in September/October […]