Gravity on the Equatorial Line

The equatorial line highlights the division of the world into two hemispheres. It also represents a political division of the world in the north and south. What if these divisions did not exist? How could the world be understood if there was no difference between the southern and northern worlds? If the world were represented having only one hemisphere, how would it affect our geopolitical perception?

In Gravity on the Equatorial Line, all the orthogonal lines orient the Earth’s geographical representation disappears. Then another system is established based on an imaginary gravity physically influencing the territories. In that other system, frontiers, names of continents, and countries or oceans become irrelevant. If the equatorial line could alter the Earth’s physical order, interfering in the very gravity and changing the order of things, it would define a particular vision of the world.


Painted cutout wood
Variable dimension  (approximately 1000 x 150 cm)