The publication gathers records of Marina Camargo’s solo exhibition Antes, e ainda agora (Before and even now), held in Porto Alegre in 2018.

Together with texts written by Paulo Miyada and Marina Camargo, photographic records of the show contextualize the set of works with a more comprehensive view of Camargo’s production.

In the works presented in this solo exhibition, issues related to memory and the construction of narratives about places unfold into videos, drawings, photographs, and sound pieces.

How does the historical process take place? Which stories are still being told, and which are hidden or forgotten? How can selective memory and programmed forgetfulness determine the narratives about the places and stories?

CAMARGO, Marina. Antes, e ainda agora / Marina Camargo, Paulo Miyada. – Porto Alegre: M. Camargo, 2018. ISBN 978-85-916613-1-2