Beckton Alps

Research about an artificial mountain called Beckton Alps is the video’s central theme. Beckton Alps is an ultimate scenario of a post-industrialization period. Nowadays, there is a heap of industrial debris in the place where used to have a gas works industry. It has been called the “alps” since the time the gas industry was active. Back then, there used to be endless black mountains of the original gasworks due to the large number of chemical by-products resulting from gas production. Ironically, they used to be called the Alps; today, there is only one big mount made of these rejects, and it is still called the Alps.


12:29 min.


Beckton Alps – Archive & Research 2012-2018 gathers part of the researched materials in a publication.


The entire project is the Trilogy of Mountains, which is related to landscape and memory. Trilogy of the Mountains is devised in three parts: Alpenprojekt, based on the alpine relief; the second approach Beckton Alps, an artificial mountain in east London; and the third part is related to artificial mountains made with war debris in Germany.


The research was initiated during an artistic residency at Gasworks (London, UK), granted by Fundação Iberê (Porto Alegre, Brazil) in 2012.