In Distant Reflection, steel plates are resting on photographs of the Alps, reproducing the silhouettes of the mountains they cover. The images are photographs from a book about the landscapes of Germany published in the 1920s.


The title “Distant Reflection” refers to an antique store named Riflesso Lontano: the image of a distant reflection refers to a look at the past from a perspective dislocated from the time of the events, repositioning a relationship between historical time and the present.

Distant Reflection is a work that derives from Oblivion (2010), part of the Alpenprojekt series.

In Oblivion, the coverage of the landscape occurs on a small scale – even though the set of postcards and photographs form a large-format installation; in Distant Reflection, the landscape is hidden by steel plates larger than a human body, approaching an almost sculptural aspect. In both works, covering the image of the mountains to reveal another symbolic dimension of that specific landscape indicates a way to reflect on the erasure of historical memory.



Photographs and still plates with electrostatic coating
230 x 100 cm | 200 x 100 cm



Pictures at the exhibition Reflexo Distante at Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre, 2013.