Library is a series of photographs produced in Centro Cultural São Paulo library (São Paulo, Brazil). The project was presented in a solo exhibition at the venue and received the institution’s acquisition prize in 2008, becoming part of its collection.


The photographic instant that freezes everything is always arbitrary and choosing such familiar and commonplace furniture denote an interest in this visuality as well as a way of relating to words: seeing a word as a thing, beyond its concept.  The word-object, the word-rake, the word-definition, the word-drawing – approaches recurring in the written language of the artist’s other artworks, appearing here as a word-image-context, the library as a place for organizing, classifying, systemizing the categories of text. What is constant in every approach is a mixture of curiosity and acidity in relation to how the word adapts itself to everyday objects.

Today, photography is open to so many possibilities it would be unfruitful and useless to try to take every facet into account, but I can’t resist thinking of these images as part of a quite affirmative whole.  This refers to the technical skill of recording the real in its most elevated form of stupidity, allied with the ability of the person who photographs to propose readings both about the object she has chosen to eternalize, as well as about the photographic act itself.

Gabriela Motta


Series of photographs 
Various dimensions 
Centro Cultural São Paulo collection