Sensing latitudes and longitudes

Marina Camargo’s video works could be divided between those that record actions (usually filmed in the artist’s studio), videos constructed with sequences of images (close to drawing), and videos structured through a linear narrative (in which the presence of text is as relevant as the moving images).

Her practice with the moving image is derived from photography and drawing, and in many of her videos, characteristic elements of these two-dimensional practices are noticeable. Her early video works are on a border between photography and moving images, multiplying the picture in time and keeping minimal movement in the recorded scenes (such as Photo Color, 2011).


“Sensing latitudes and longitudes” is derived from a sound work where latitudes and longitudes are spoken by a voice that sounds to map elements of the globe with intimacy.

In the video, the hand’s gestures seek the globe references that punctuate distances and amplitudes of the map. The continuous action of “mapping” with the hands the purely graphic elements (therefore, non-tactile) can be understood as an observation of an intimate gesture of the artist with the object that is so present in her research and recent works.


5 min.